Cam Newton scored a 21, yet was still drafted #1 overall. (Image: ICON)

A bad Wonderlic score won’t kill your draft stock, but a good score certainly won’t hurt it.  Anything that becomes a part of your draft stock resume is worth preparing for, so why not take the Wonderlic online in your leisure time?

Cam Newton scored a 21, which is three points below the average score for a quarterback, but was still drafted at number one.  There was a big stink about LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson only scoring a 9, but he was still drafted fourth overall


by the Arizona Cardinals.

But why allow NFL teams to question your intelligence and analytical skills, when you could take the Wonderlic online and prepare for the kind of questions you’ll be taking?  Besides, the odds are that you won’t be as highly-touted as Cam Newton and Patrick Peterson, you need your resume to look as good as possible.

Click here to take a practice version of the Wonderlic online.

Do you think the Wonderlic is important when considering NFL Draft prospects?

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