How Much Do UFL Players Make?


Yes, UFL salaries are pretty crappy compared to the NFL.  But UFL players get to play for big name head coaches with NFL experience and connections, which probably has something to do with why 43 UFL players signed with NFL teams in 2010, which ain’t bad at all for a league heading into just it’s third season.

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Former NFL running back Dominic Rhodes spent the 2011 season with the Virginia Destroyers of the UFL. (ICON Sports)

Update: The 2012 season almost didn’t happen, but the UFL, which currently has four teams, will indeed have an eight-game schedule, beginning in late September 2012.

If you’re like a bunch of other players out there looking to tryout with UFL teams, you need to know how much money you can expect to make if and when you make the squad, as well as the terms of the contract you’ll be signing.  So let’s get to it.

For the 2011 season, players will make $40,000. For each preseason camp date you complete, you’ll make $50.  The contracts are not guaranteed.

Which means, if you mess around and get hurt in camp, and end up cut, and not named as a member of the 50-man roster at the start of the season, you can kiss the $40,000 goodbye.

There’s incentive for players to make it to the UFL Championship, too.  Players on the winning team get $6,000, and those on the losing team get $5,000.

You should know, however, that the UFL has had a little financial trouble in it’s brief history, and was a little tardy in delivering the Championship compensation to players from the 2010 season.

As of right now (early August 2012), the salaries that players will make this season is not yet known.

Would you play in the UFL to keep your NFL dream alive, or would it be NFL-or-nothing for you?  Leave a comment below.

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