Spots on UFL Rosters Harder to Come-By In 2011


If the lockout is still in affect when the NFL draft rolls-around April 28th (which is very likely), it’s going to be tougher than normal to make UFL rosters.  You see, normally, NFL teams sign Undrafted Free Agents (UFA’s) once the draft is over. Well this year, that won’t happen, as NFL teams won’t able to sign UFA’s after the draft, which means a lot of these would-be NFL UFA’s will be competing for spots on UFL rosters this spring.

Rick Mueller, General Manager of the Omaha Nighthawks, recently said (regarding one of their recent open tryouts); “We had more draft-eligible college players at this workout than we have ever had, and I was really impressed with that group of players,” Mueller said. “Typically, we will have a dozen or so veteran players with five or six years of pro experience, but not at this one. That being said, from an overall talent level, this is one of the best tryouts I have seen in my three years in the UFL.”

See?  I guess I could stop right here, but I’ll go a little deeper here, and try to explain what’s going on. A lot of player agents are (wisely)

Jerry Glanville, head coach of the Harford Colonials, has publicly acknowledged the the UFL will be pursuing 2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agents.

advising their Free Agent clients to compete for spots on UFL rosters, because if they holdout for a potential position on an NFL roster, they could miss out on a chance to play pro football this year altogether.

Especially guys that are predicted to be UFA-level players. Even under normal circumstances, the odds are usually stacked against UFA’s making the roster when they’re invited to NFL training camps.  Well, the longer the lockout lasts, the more the odds get stackedagainst these players chances of making the team in the long run.

You see, during the lockout, there are no OTA’s.  There are no rookie mini camps, where UFA’s get decent amounts of reps in practice, and an opportunity to show the coaching staff what they can do. If the lockout lasts into the fall, UFA’s won’t get an opportunity to show what they can do, which means they’re even more likely than normal to get cut.

So what do you make of all of this?  It just means that if you’re a Free Agent, you need to be competing for spots on some UFL rosters this spring, and you’d better be ready to compete at a high level.

Are you up for the challenge?

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