Welcome back for part two of my little discussion on protein.

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I’ve learned a lot during my research, and I hope you’ve found some of the things I’ve learned enlightening as well.

Again, here are links to most of the articles I read through, in case you wanna check ’em out for yourself.

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How Much Protein Do You need After Your Workout?

Eating After Exercise – What to Eat After a Workout

Calculating Your Protein Needs

How Much Protein Do You Need After a Workout?

How Much Protein Do You Need After A Tough Workout?

Let’s finish up, starting with the fifth thing I learned during my research.


Lesson #5 – How to Calculate Your Daily Protein Intake


You probably already knew how to calculate this, but I didn’t (obviously).

In “Calculating Your Protein Needs”, the author, Paige Waehner, a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise, gives us the formula to calculate how much protein to consume per day:

How to Calculate Your Protein Needs:

1. Weight in pounds divided by 2.2 = weight in kg

2. Weight in kg x 0.8-1.8 gm/kg = protein gm.


How do you know what number you should use in the second part of that equation?  I was wondering the same thing.  Luckily, she addresses that:

“Use a lower number if you are in good health and are sedentary (i.e., 0.8). Use a higher number (between 1 and 1.8) if you are under stress, are pregnant, are recovering from an illness, or if you are involved in consistent and intense weight or endurance training.”


I did the math, and since I’m about 205, that means I need about 140 grams of protein a day.

This kinda has me excited, because now I have a number to keep in my mind.

The problem for me, is that I don’t feel like looking up how much protein everything I eat during the day has.

I mean, it’s easy to count protein when it’s powder protein mix, or a protein bar, where the amount of protein is printed on the label, but what about when you’re eating out somewhere?

I haven’t figured that one out, yet.


My gut (no pun intended) tells me that I’m going to have to just buckle down and either look up the protein in what I’m eating on my smartphone, or just work on getting a better idea of the amount of protein that’s in the foods I eat the most.

Again, if you know any easier ways to get this done, “please” let me know, or leave a comment at the bottom of this post.



Lesson #6 – Take Protein Before AND After Workouts


In “How Much Protein Do You Need After A Tough Workout?” the author Brian St. Pierre, a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, says that taking protein before we train helps decrease muscle damage.

This helps improve recovery time, and is overall better for you in the long-term.

Not only that, but he says that getting protein in before training gets amino acids in your blood stream, so that your body has the amino acids as you’re training.

He goes on to say that this can even help your body build new muscle “while” you train!

After working out, Brian recommends that we consume 15-40g of protein within 90 minutes after working out.

(I’m getting more and more comfortable with my decision to take 30g after my workouts from here on out.)

So hopefully this post has helped you get a better idea of how much protein you should consume, along with some other useful information.

It took me a while to read through all this stuff, but it’s well worth it.


How much protein do YOU consume a day?  How much do you take before or after your workouts?  Leave a comment below.

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