Welcome back for What Every NFL Hopeful Should Know About the NFL Draft Part 2.

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Let’s finish up, with lesson’s four and five that we can get from Greg Gabriel’s Seeking the Truth Between Now and the Draft, from Nationalfootballpost.com.

Let’s go.

Lesson #4: Your Agent Doesn’t Know When You’re Going to Get Picked


Stop asking your agent where you’re going to get drafted, because he doesn’t really know.  He might have an idea, based on his understanding of how the draft works, but please don’t think he has some kind of inside information about who’s really going to pick you up, because he doesn’t.

Radio City Music Hall; home of the NFL Draft. (ICON Sports)

Most of the information that your agent gets about where you’re going to get picked up comes from scouts.  An NFL scout’s word is golden to agents.

But as Gabriel pointed out in the article, the information that scouts give agents isn’t too reliable.  Scouts feel that if they tell your agent the truth, he’s going to hurt the scout’s team’s competitive advantage by telling other teams and scouts what he said.

Your agent should have your best interest at heart, and your best interest in this situation is to get not only selected by an NFL team, but that you to get selected as high as possible, so that you can make as much money as you can.

Let me give you an example of why scouts don’t tell agents the truth:

Let’s say, a scout from Team A tells your agent that they think you’re worthy of getting picked in the third round.  A few hours later, your agent has a conversation about you with a scout from Team B.

During that conversation, your agent tells Team B that Team A said that they thought you were worthy of a second round pick, to try to raise your value in the eyes of Team B (who might’ve had you slated as a third round pick, just like Team A did).

Your agent just not only revealed Team A’s draft strategy to a competitor, but he also  just potentially boosted your stock up to the point where Team B just might take you in the second round, before Team A could get a shot at you.

Neither is a good situation for Team A.

Make sense?  (Hopefully, I didn’t lose you in the example)

Moral of the story, is that scouts know this, so many of them, as Gabriel eluded to, just avoid giving agents the truth to begin with.


Lesson #5: Don’t believe ANYTHING You Read in the Media


Now if we know that NFL personnel doesn’t even tell a player’s agent the real deal about where they feel their team would take the player, do you really think they’d tell the truth to the media, so the world (not to mention the other 31 NFL teams) can know their strategy?

C’mon, man.

Are there any other pieces of advice you’d give to players heading into the draft?  Leave a comment below.

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