Welcome back for part two on the series on the NFL Advisory Committee.

To refresh your memory, I did some research on it, and decided to share with you what I thought was the most important information to know about it.

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Will Morris Claiborne’s alleged Wonderlic score (of 4) hurt his draft stock? (ICON Sports)


Below are two of the articles I read in my research, in case you wanna check ’em out for yourself:

Inside the NFL Advisory Committee

NFL Draft Advisory Board – Wikipedia article

NFL Advisory Committee Details

Let’s finish-up.

Lesson #6 – What Responses Can You Expect?

According to Gabriel, there are five possible responses you could get from the Committee.

Misunderstanding the meaning behind the response you get can be a huge mistake, so make sure you properly understand what the feedback really means.

Below are the five responses you’d potentially get  back:

1) You have the ability to be drafted as high as the 1st round.
2) You have the ability to be drafted as high as the 2nd round
3) You have the ability to be drafted as high as the 3rd round.
4) You probably will not get drafted in the first three rounds but you may be drafted in rounds 4 through 7.
5) You probably won’t be drafted.

Notice that it says “you have the ability to be drafted as high as the 1st round.”

It doesn’t say where in in the 1st round, and it doesn’t say that you’d definitely be drafted in the 1st round.

Don’t just hear what you want to hear.  Embrace the true message.


If you were to get that response, it would mean that you could be picked in any round.

Now if you got that response from the committee, and ended up picked in the 6th round, would that be kinda shocking?  Absolutely.

But with your medical and character assessments not being considered in the response you get, you would be best served to take the response as nothing more than an educated guess.


Lesson #7 – When is the Deadline to Declare for the Draft?


After you get your feedback from the committee, you have until January 15th to declare.

If you decide to declare, you have until midnight, January 18th to change your mind and return for your last season.

After that, it ain’t no turning back!


Lesson #8 – How Do the Results Come Back?


The results normally come back to you personally and confidentially.

It will be up to you to reveal the results to everybody else (media, family, teammates, etc.).


Lesson #9 – Who Can Apply?


You have to be at least three years removed from your high school graduation date before you can apply with the Advisory committee.


Lesson #10 – What All Goes Into the Application Process?

They explain what all you have to fill out in the NFL Advisory Committee Details article at CBS Sports.com, and it doesn’t sound like there’s a whole lot to it:

The paperwork involved asks the player to identify himself, his position, jersey number and other pertinent information, including games missed and their “best games.”  This paperwork has to be signed by a member of the coaching staff or a pro liason before it will be accepted by the NFL.

Doesn’t sound too demanding.

What response from the NFL Advisory Committee would it take for you to consider leaving early for the Draft?

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