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The Truth about How to Increase Speed in Football

Do you train for speed during the off seasons? (Photo source: SD Dirk)

Let’s finish up, shall we?


What Happens Internally When We Train for Power?


In part one, we talked about the role power plays in our speed, but what happens in our bodies as we become more and more powerful?

To say it simply, when you’re training for power, you’re basically training your central nervous system to recruit your fast twitch muscle fibers faster and faster.


Periodization Training is Important


Periodization is a training philosophy that’s all about training for different purposes throughout the course of the regimen.

Most of the periodization strategies I’ve seen for off season football training start with a Functional or Hypertrophy focus, then progress into strength, and finishes with a focus on power as the season approaches.

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This is designed to make sure you’re at your peak power and speed-wise when the season starts.


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Muscle Imbalances Can Hurt Your Speed


Muscle imbalances take place when two opposing muscles that counteract one another have differences in strength or flexibility.

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So in the case of speed, let’s think about our hamstrings and our quadriceps real quick; one is used to bend the knee, and the other is used to extend it.

Now what would happen if one was stronger than the other?

You’re going to be more at risk for injury for one, and it’s going to hurt your speed.

Why?  Because a muscle imbalance between these two muscles will hurt your stride length, which is the amount of distance you can cover with each step.

The imbalance can also decrease the frequency at which you’re able to make your strides when you run.


What do you do to improve your speed in the off seasons?

When I was coming up, the “big thing” that was supposed to help you run faster and jump higher were “Strength Shoes.”  Ever heard of, or used those?  

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