I assume you dream of playing in “The League,” but do you know what pro scouts are looking for in players at your position?

Cowboys Stadium seats 111,000 people, including standing room. (ICON Sports)

If you’re serious about this thing, it’s in your best interest that you do.

Let me explain.

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Improve Your Chances of Success

In college, for example, your curriculum was put together to help you develop the skills you’ll need to land a job in whatever industry your major is in.

…in other words, to improve your chances of success.

So why is it that most players don’t use the same train of thought when it comes to their aspirations of playing pro football?

Truth be told, most scouts can tell whether or not a player has pro potential from just watching them play in a few series or less.

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How?  Because they have a trained eye for the specific skills and abilities an NFL-ready player should have.


Let’s say you’re a cornerback, and your transition out of your backpedal is slow or uncoordinated, or you have slow straight-line speed.

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Those few flaws alone could cause a scout to stamp you as a player that doesn’t have NFL ability, and your pro football hopes are shot to hell that fast.

But you know what would be even more tragic?

If you never knew what scouts looked for in the first place.

If you would’ve known, you could’ve at least been training to get better at what they’re looking for.

So give yourself the best shot possible, and learn what scouts will be looking for when they’re looking at you.

Otherwise, three or four years down the road, you may have to live with the regret of wondering what would’ve or could’ve happened, had you taken my advice.

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Where Do You Find this Info?


And guess what?  I’ve already done the research for you already.

Up and to the right, you’ll see a “Categories” drop-down.  Select your position, and somewhere in the search results, you’ll find the article on what scouts look for in your position.

Now you can’t control how tall you are, nor can you control your body type or your natural talent level…

…but why not control what you can control?


Control What You Can Control

You control whether or not you know what scouts look for in players at your position.  And you control whether or not you spend the time training to get better in those areas.

And guess what?  I’ve done the research on that for you, too.

When you click on your position in the menu, you’ll find articles that cover training techniques for your position, too.

Hey, they say knowing is half the battle.  If that’s the case, congratulations, my friend, because the battle is half-won.

Now it’s up to you to handle your end of the bargain.


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