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Linebacker Maurice Simpkins started his professional career in the IFL with the Green Bay Blizzard before he got his shot with the Green Bay Packers. (ICON Sports)

So now, I officially had the rough draft of my first chapter done, and I’m not going to lie, it felt terrific.

I knew there was a lot of writing left, but knocking out a complete chapter got me motivated.

Speaking of “motivation,” at this point I felt it was time to give the reader some motivation.

But exactly what kind of motivation?  I struggled with this for a while, but then the idea popped in up in my head to give the reader examples of players that got to the NFL, that weren’t drafted out of college, or offered undrafted free agent contracts.

I was a little hesitant to go this route, because I wasn’t sure whether or not this would motivate the reader.

I could only go off of what motivates me; I can get really amped up and motivated when I hear about people I can relate with accomplishing big things.

So I decided to roll with the idea.

I started out doing Google searches, like “IFL players in the NFL,” and stuff like that.

Once I found players that got to the NFL from the IFL, I then had to go and do research on the individual player’s stories.

Unfortunately (for me, at least), I found that most of the guys that went from leagues like the IFL to the NFL were originally undrafted free agents on NFL squads coming out of college.

In other words, most of the guys went straight to the NFL out of college.  And even though they got cut in camp and ended up in the IFL, I felt I still couldn’t use their stories, because most players reading the book wouldn’t be able to relate to that.

At this point, I ran across one of my biggest challenges.

You see, most of the players that fit the criteria necessary for me to include their stories came from small schools.





So combine that with the fact that indoor leagues like the IFL don’t get much media coverage…
Then add on top of that the fact that most guys that made it to the NFL the long route didn’t have very long or successful NFL careers…

And “walah,” there’s my problem: it was hard as hell to find details on these guy’s football backgrounds online!

But me being as determined as I was to find this info, I dug, and dug, and dug, and dug until I could piece together their stories like a forensic scientist.

It was grueling, no doubt, but it was a worthwhile experience, because now I can tell guys with confidence that they can indeed wear an NFL uniform one day, even if they have to start in a lower league, like an IFL.

What feels even better, is the fact that I can tell them this with confidence, because I did the research myself!

OK, that’s it for part two.  Part three, coming soon!

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