Welcome back for part three of the “Making of the Book…” series, based on what I went through writing “Move the Chains.”

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Why I Made the Book

Real quick though, before I get back to the story, I wanted to touch on why I made this book again.

I decided to make this book when it hit me that most aspiring pro players had no clue what it took to play pro.

In addition to that, from my experiences in the industry, it dawned on me that way too many players put their careers solely in the

hands of their agents.

And anytime you go into something being completely blinded, and relying 100 percent on someone else’s expertise to get you the success you want, you’re on dangerous grounds.

So I wanted to do what I could to help guys “learn the ropes,” if you will.

Anyways, back to the story.

Months before the thought ever came to my mind to write this book, I ran a poll for prospective NFL players, that asked them what their biggest concerns and obstacles were regarding getting to the NFL.

As I went through writing the book, I kept the results from the poll in the back of my mind so I could make sure that I touched on topics that guys were most concerned about.

What I found, was that “getting a shot” was most player’s number one concern.

But this revealed another problem.

What Does “Getting a Shot Mean?

In order for me to address how to get a shot in the book, I needed to make sure I made it clear what “getting a shot” meant; at least as far as the book was concerned.

If a reader felt “getting a shot” meant something different than I did as I wrote the book, they would feel like I failed to deliver on something I said would be covered in the book.

After I typed-out that section and got that concern out of the way, it was time to keep on pushin’, and move on to the next topic.

A lot of players claim that they want you to tell it like it is, but in actuality, they really want to hear what they want to hear.

Well that’s not me.

I take pride in “keeping it real”, so I decided to mention “four doses of reality” that players may not want to hear, but need to understand, regardless.

The “doses” may be hard to swallow (no pun intended), but in my eyes, guys need to have realistic and truthful understandings of what it would take to accomplish their football dreams.

They need to understand just how small their odds are of making it to the NFL; especially if they don’t get drafted, or selected as undrafted free agents coming out of college.

So I felt it was important to put this information in the book, so guys will have a more realistic view of exactly what they’re up against.

Before I got to the meat and potatoes of the book, I wanted to lay a good foundation.



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