Welcome back for part two of our talk on dealing with stress as a student-athlete.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Relieving Student-Athlete Stress

Let’s finish-up where we left off, with more ways to alleviate and avoid stress.

Take Responsibility

I’ll admit that this is definitely easier said than done, but it makes sense.

This tip has actually helped me deal with stress a lot better than I did before.



Let’s say somebody hit your car.

Is that a reason to be stressed? You might think, “hell yeah, Alvin!”

But think about it; do you think there’s someone else in the world who’s car was hit today that didn’t get stressed out?

I would venture to say that it’s probable.

“Get to the point, Alvin…”

My point, is that the external circumstance happened.

You can’t change that.

But the stress part comes from you, and how you chose to react to the situation.

Keep that in mind.


Investigate Your Habits

Or to say it simply, “take a look at your life.”

This one was huge for me.

From this introspection, I was able to identify that most of my own stress was caused by personal lack of prioritization.

But back to you.

Look at your life and habits… do you procrastinate (for example)?

If so, you know that waiting ’till the last minute, and “working under extreme pressure” can cause you stress, right?

So why are you continuing to do it?

You gotta be willing to be honest with yourself.

But once you are, it can be extremely liberating, and will reduce your stress tremendously.


Write it Down

I’ve found that it’s hard for me to see my life objectively until I write things down.

What I’m suggesting, is that you take out a piece of paper, and jot down the last couple times you remember being stressed.

Then really look at the root cause of that situation.

Chances are, there’s something you could’ve done differently to ease the stress of the situation to begin with.

Heck, you might’ve been able to avoid the stress altogether.


Are You a Control Freak?

Do you have a hard time delegating stuff to other people?

If so, that’s a trait you need to overcome ASAP, because no one accomplishes anything great completely on their own in life.

And two, you will go crazy if you try to do everything yourself.  Especially if you plan on running a business of some sort down the line.l

For example, as football players in college, I used to make extra money from teammates that hated typing that used to pay me to type their papers.

They’d give me the rough draft, and play Playstation while I made a quick $20 here and there, because I’ve been able to type pretty well for a long time now (thanks Mom!)


Organize and Prioritize

For me, a lot of my stress has been caused by trying to do multiple things at once, and losing focus.

What has really changed my life, is the habit of prioritizing.


First Things First

When I schedule my next day before I go to bed, I schedule the most important things first.

And I schedule the things that have less immediate impact on my goals for later on in the day.

This has helped reduce my stress, because even if I’m unable to get to everything on my schedule, I’m still able to got the most impactful and important things done.

You and I both know that a day rarely goes exactly as planned.

So when life happens, it causes less stress on me mentally than it used to, because I’m still able to get the most important things done regardless of the curveballs life throws at me in a given day.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a complete guide to stress relieve Google it, or buy a book, I ain’t Dr. Phil, I know we’re both bald, but c’mon, I’m way better looking than him.


Seriously though, I hope you got something that’ll help you deal with stress.

How are you with stress? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

What are some things you do to relieve stress? Wait, if it’s illegal, keep it to yourself 😉


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