I’m a firm believer that knowing as much as you can before you do something is always a way to decrease anxiety and to improve confidence before getting involved, and I think Pro Days are no different.

So today, we’re going to talk about the Pro Day, and what goes on at them.

The information we’re going to cover comes from The Ins and Outs of Pro Days by Greg Gabriel from the National Football Post.

In case you’re not familiar with Mr. Gabriel, he’s a former Director of College Scouting for the Chicago Bears (amongst many other NFL credentials).

Everson Griffen during the 2010 USC Pro Day at Cromwell Field on the campus of the University of Southern California. (ICON Sports)

Let me be clear: I’m just going to touch on the two things that stuck-out in the article to me when I read it.

I recommend that you check it out for yourself, in case you find something valuable that I didn’t mention.

Don’t Worry about Who Shows-Up


The first thing that stuck out to me from Gabriel’s article, is where he explained how the APT works, and then explained that most pro day’s are videotaped, and sold to NFL teams that are interested in one or more of the players that participate.

Now this is important to know.  Why?  Because it tells you can’t tell who’s really interested, and who’s not, based off-of who shows up, and who doesn’t.

There’s no way to know what teams are truly interested in you, and which aren’t, so it’s not worth worrying about it.

For all you know, a team that likes you is planning on just buying the recording of your pro day, and use the information collected and dispersed by the APT.

Expect the Unexpected


Gabriel says that you need to be ready to do position drills that are new to you.

Coaches do this on purpose, because they know this is the only part of your workout that you haven’t rehearsed.

Drills like the 3 cone, 40 yard dash, and short shuttle can be rehearsed, and you’d better believe they know it.

Knowing this, you need to go into the event ready to catch-on quickly.  They’re going to be be paying attention to how well you take orders, and how quickly you can learn and apply new information, so prepare yourself mentally for that, however you can.

Got a pro day coming up that you want to promote?  Leave the date and school in the comments!

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