Let’s check out the last of what scouts look for.  Again, all teams have their own exact list, so it’s hard to give you everything, every team looks for.

Here we go, Offensive Tackle Tips Part 2…

(Speaking of “here we go”, isn’t that new Bud Light slogan, “Here we go”, terrible?  They could’ve came up with something better than that.)

Adjustment to movement/lateral agility. The ability to adjust laterally to the linebacker onto the second level.

Jets Offensive Tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson (ICON Sports)

Quickness. To play tackle in the NFL, you have to have quick feet.  You’ll find that many of the top tackles used to excel in basketball.    They want to see you display the quickness to execute a down block, or reach a defender on the outside.

Knee bend. Yea, I know I mentioned it in Part 1, but it’s so important to scouts, I wanted to bring it up again.  Just like in run blocking, scouts look for natural knee benders in pass pro, too.

Gabriel on what he looks for in a natural knee bender, and why it’s so important:

Straight-legged players have a tendency to bend at the waist and fall off of blocks.  A good knee bender will keep his back straight and have a very good base and balance.

Quickness/agility. I don’t think this one needs much explaining, do you?

When it comes to quickness, agility, and “natural bend” check out this video of Tyron Smith, and you’ll see why he was the ninth overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft


by the Dallas Cowboys.  The guy moves like a man half his size.


Strength. Weight room strength is great, but it needs to translate to the field. Scouts want to see tackles that show  the strength to anchor and stop defenders consistently in pass protection.  In run blocking situations, they

Wow.  Check out this film on Brian Bulaga, the 23rd overall pick by the Packers in 2010.  Notice how he’s rarely driven back in any of the plays.  He’s rarely overwhelmed by the power or momentum of the defensive end.  He stands his ground with a solid anchor.  Scouts love to see that.


Did we leave any important attributes out?  Leave a message in the comments!

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