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In the offensive tackle tips posts (click here for part 2 ) we discussed what NFL scouts look for offensive tackle’s, but now what?

If you’re like most guys that have dreams of playing pro football, you might have to train yourself.

To help you out, I’ve compiled a bunch of drills that you can do.

But not just any drills.

These are drills that will help you get better at most of the specific things NFL scouts look for when analyzing offensive tackles.

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A lot of drills out there require equipment of some kind.

But to help those on a budget, the drills listed below require little-to-no equipment to be purchased.

Disclaimer: If you’re injured, or have health issues, please consult with a doctor before doing any of this stuff.  I, nor is responsible if you hurt yourself, or tear-up your mom’s house trying to do these drills.

With that said, let’s continue.


Drills to Develop Crucial Offensive Tackle Skills

Lateral agility

The drills in the video below will help you improve your lateral movement ability, knee bend and flexibility, pass blocking technique, explosion, and more.


In the below video, you’ll find some ladder drills that you can do to help you develop better lateral agility and better footwork overall.


The good thing about the ladder drill is that you don’t really need to buy a ladder; you can put tape or something on the ground and get the same results.


The video below introduces the 2-3-2-3 drill, which’ll help you with your lateral agility and quickness.

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They’re using speed hurdles on the video, but you should be able to find something (or make something) around the house that you can use instead.


The video below shows you how to do the the mirror shuffle, mirror angle kick slide, slide run, and backward shuffle drills, to help you with your agility.



Now this drill works on your balance, and is definitely something you can do around the house.  I’m sure you have somebody around the house who wouldn’t mind to pushing you around a little.


The drill below will help you with your balance as well.


Pass Protection

Coach Brian Callahan, with some pass blocking fundamentals.


Some pass protection drills you can do.

Might be hard to find a wall you can throw medicine balls against, but the drills in the video will definitely help you get better in pass protection.


Hip Explosion

You should be able to do the first and last drills on the video below without equipment.  The second drill requires a sled, but you might be able to put something together around the house or in the backyard that you can use instead if you don’t have access to one.


It’s often overlooked, but hip flexibility plays a huge part in developing explosion in your hips.  Increasing the range of motion in your hips is crucial.  The drills in the video below can help you with that.


Disclaimer #2: Again, I’m not a trainer, I just gathered a bunch of training materials that cover drills and exercises that can help you improve in the specific areas that NFL scouts tend to look for when analyzing offensive tackles.

Also, keep in mind that there are tons of drills out there you can use to get better at these areas, however many of them require equipment, and I did my best to include those that needed little-to-no equipment.

Check back soon for Part 2, where we’ll cover drills you can do to work on the other skills NFL scouts look for in offensive tackle’s.


Recommend any drills that work on balance and lateral agility that could help somebody?  Leave a comment, and share it with us!

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