Some More Drills to Develop Crucial Offensive Tackle Skills


Like we said in Offensive Lineman Workout… Part 1, knowin’ what scouts look for in o-tackles is cool, but knowledge is only the key

2-Time All-Pro Offensive Tackle Ryan Clady (ICON Sports)

when it’s applied.

So let’s finish-up looking at some more drills that’ll help you develop the skills that scouts look for in offensive tackles.

Click below if you missed part one:

Offensive Lineman Workout for Tackles


The plyometric drill in the video below can be done just about anywhere.

If you don’t have a platform around the house you can use, you can always do this one on the bench you use for the bench press at the gym.

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The drills in the video below can be done without a band, but having a band will make the drills much more effective.



Knee bend

There’s a document from that you should check out that covers this topic.


At the top of the first page, you’ll see a drill called the “Shuffle-touch drill” which is designed to help you develop the habit of bending at the knees, while helping you with flexibility, as well.


The drill underneath it on the sheet, the “no hand slide drill” will help get the knee bend and pass protection technique that scouts wanna see.

Actually, there’s a bunch of drills on that sheet that can help you out in multiple facets of your game, so skim through the whole document.


Anchor strength


Anchor strength, which is the ability to stand your ground against the defensive lineman, has a lot to do with technique, leverage, core strength and balance.

The drill in this video can be done in your living room with a dumbbell, but will help you increase your core muscle strength.



The below video takes you through a bunch of exercises that’ll help develop and strengthen the core area of your body.



At, there’s an article titled Lineman Workouts that provides some advice on developing the strength to block at the line.

In the article, they state that Walter Jones, 9-time Pro Bowl and 7-time All-Pro offensive tackle, recommends dumbbell bench presses, shoulder shrugs, and shoulder presses to build up your upper-body strength.

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They also mention that trainer Christopher Mohr, recommends deadlifts, front and back squats, and barbell lunges to improve performance on the line.

So go get it in.



The below video, courtesy of Kerr Athletics, gives some great insights on the different hand techniques to use in the different situations you’ll face as an offensive tackle.


In this video, Chris Gizzi (former NFL linebacker) and LeCharles Bentley (former NFL Center) go over the dynamics of hand placement, and what you’re trying to do as an offensive lineman when it comes to working with your hands.


As the guy in the video below points out, strong hands are ok, but to really be effective with your hands, you need to be quick with your hands.

The drills in the video will help you develop hand quickness, and can be done at home.

For the last drill, you should be able to find something around the house you can use to replace the bag that he’s swinging at the kid in the video.


The drills in the video below will show you some ladder drills you can use to help you get faster with your hands.

Again, you don’t really need to buy a ladder, you can just use tape, or chalk, or something, to mark your spots on the floor.


Run Blocking Technique

If you’re training yourself, you might be able to use some instruction on how to get your run blocking techique right.  The video below takes you through some drills you can do to get better at run blocking.

You might have something you can use around the house to substitue for the block pad.  If not, they’re not that expensive.  I’ve seen them online for $50, on the low end.

This video takes you through all the steps in the run blocking progression.


OK family, gotta go, gotta go…  Are there any drills that can help offensive tackles that we didn’t mention?  Share them in the comments!

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