Welcome back to part 2 of Offensive Lineman Tips for Offensive Guards.  Let’s finish-up with some film study.

And who better to study than 3-time Pro Bowler, 2-time All-Pro guard Logan Mankins?

Observing the Skills In-Action

In my opinion, Logan Mankins is the top guard in the NFL right now.  Standing 6-4, and weighing 310, he definitely meets Coach Walsh and Mr. Gabriel’s size criteria.

At the 1:30 mark, check out his technique in pass coverage.  He snaps into his setup immediately after the snap of the ball.  He works

3-time Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins (ICON Sports)

to get his hands on the d-tackle before the d-tackle can get his hands on Logan.  You can actually see the strike he delivered to the d-tackle shock and stop the tackle’s movement for a split second.

He overextends himself a little bit, and his knees get straight, but he recovers and get his knees bent and back straight. What’s even more impressive is his lateral agility and quickness to mirror the d-tackle, once he started charging towards Tom Brady.

If you pause the video at around the 1:46 mark, you’ll see the leverage and strength that scouts want to see.  If you look close, you’ll see that he’s playing slightly underneath Julius Peppers.  This is what they look for in leverage.

His footwork is solid, and you can see that in just about every play on the video.

At the 1:50 mark, Bill Belichick talks about Logan’s strength, and how well Logan anchors at the line, and hardly ever gets driven back in pass protection.

His natural knee bend allows him to remain in a solid football position throughout plays.

Move the cursor to the 2:51 point, and you’ll see how fast he executes pull blocks. Belichick actually mentions how good the guy is at it right around that same point in the video.  It takes an impressive amount of body control for a man that big to be able to hit a moving target while he’s running full speed himself.


Check out his run blocking technique on the play at the 2:19 mark.  He controls that situation from the beginning.  Notice how low he is.  That’s the leverage scouts want to see when they’re analyzing a guard.

Coach Belichick actually starts talking about Logan’s ability to play with leverage at the 2:34 mark in the video.  At the 2:35 mark, you can see how fast this guy comes off the line in run blocking.

Wanna know how you should use your hands on the line?  Just copy what this guy does, pretty much play after play.

Slide the video forward to the 2:45 point, and you’ll see a play that demonstrates the explosion and “pop” that Bill Conley looks for when he’s analyzing a guard’s explosion.

And I’m sure you remember from part one the importance of a guard being able to sustain his blocks.  In fact, we said you should be able to hold the block for at least six seconds…  Well this guy is so good, he rarely has to hold the block that long, because his opponent usually finds themselves on the ground after Logan’s done with ’em.



Logan Mankins is hands-down one of the best in the business.  Can you think of any body better?  Yeah?  Leave a comment, and let’s get this debate goin’.

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