Don’t let the name fool you, the NFL Player Engagement program (also known as PE), is a program that you can benefit from today,

Former NFL running back Fred Taylor claims to have lost nearly $5 million by investing in an alleged ponzi scheme conducted by his agent. (ICON Sports)

regardless of whether or not you ever make it to the NFL.

With all the bad financial and life decisions that plague today’s NFL players, I think this program has the potential to make a difference, especially if guys embrace it before they get to the NFL.

But what exactly is the NFL Player Engagement program?

Here’s the description listed on the official website:

NFL Player Engagement provides a 360-degree experience for athletes to use football as a catalyst to move through all phases of life successfully. PE’s goal is to become the trusted resource for the player and his family, empowering his continuing evolution into a well-rounded and productive athlete-citizen.

PE is broken down into three parts: NFL Prep, NFL Life, and NFL Next.  Below are the descriptions of each, again from the PE website:

NFL Prep

NFL Prep provides young athletes and future NFL players with the foundation essential to a successful life. By preparing and supporting them mentally, emotionally and physically, they will be ready for any challenges that come.

NFL Life

NFL Life engages NFL players with professional development resources that enhance life’s journey through their NFL experience. By supporting the player and everyone involved in his life, including his family, friends and others in his support system, they will gain the skills necessary to take full advantage of the opportunities that come with playing in the NFL.


NFL Next

NFL Next challenges players continuously to think about the “next step” and provides services to foster a successful transition from their playing experience to life after football. By always planning for the future, players will recognize that football is part of life’s journey and not the final destination.


Why This Program Can Make a Difference


Troy Vincent, former NFL cornerback, serves as the Vice President of PE, and he’s on a mission to addresss the issues facing NFL players today through this program.

But it’s not just NFL players, most people in our society are financially illiterate.  The financial illiteracy issue is a big reason why so many of us tend to make poor financial decisions, NFL players included.

We have to break this pattern somewhere and somehow.  I like what I’ve read on PE, and I think it can help improve a person’s overall life skills regardless of whether or not they ever get to play on Sundays.

Being that football is America’s number one sport, PE allows us to leverage America’s love for football to educate our kids on how to lead successful lives.

And for those that do get to play in the NFL, PE can help those guys develop the foundation they need to make a successful transition to life after the NFL.

With so many ex-NFL players ending up homeless, broke, and divorced at the end of their careers, something needs to be done, and fast.

I personally appreciate that, via the NFL Prep program, PE reaches out to both high school and college students.  NFL Prep even reaches out to the parents of students.

I think this is powerful, because  you gotta catch kids while they’re still fairly young.

And reaching out to parents is key, because you can teach a kid all you want when they’re away from the home, but if your message isn’t getting reinforced at home by the kid’s parents, good luck.

Check out this interview with Troy Vincent, as he touches on the mission behind the NFL Player Engagement Program.

I gotta run for now, but I’ll be talking more about this program in the future, I just wanted to let you know it existed.

Do you think the NFL Player Engagement program can help NFL players and society as a whole?

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