In 2011, More UFL Players Will Make NFL Rosters Than Ever Before.


In 2011, UFL players may have a better shot at landing on NFL Rosters than Undrafted Free Agents (UFA’s).  The longer the NFL strike takes to get resolved, the less attractive UFA’s will be to NFL personnel. Here’s why.

The UFL schedule begins in August this year, and ends in October.  The longer the NFL lockout lasts, the less time NFL teams will have to develop rookies, especially UFA’s.

OTA’s and rookie mini camps (where rookies get acclimated to their new cities and playbooks) take place in late spring, and if the lockout is in place, OTA’s and rookie mini camps aren’t taking

Dominick Rhodes was one of over 40 UFL players that earned NFL contracts in 2010.

place. NFL teams can’t sign UFL players until the UFL season is over, so there will be instances where a UFA is placed on an NFL practice squad for the first part of the season, only to be released and replaced by a UFL player who has shown that he can play professional ball in game situations, especially the UFL players that are rookies.

Also, last season, NFL guys that were cut in training camp had pretty good chances at joining UFL rosters.  That’ll be tougher to do this year, because with the UFL season starting so early, UFL players will have been on their teams for 6 or 7 weeks already by that point in time, and the rosters will be pretty

much set by then. Also unique to this year, is the fact that UFL players get to play on Sundays, with no NFL to compete with.

This will make Sundays a weekly audition for the NFL for UFL players.  All of these factors add up to a very unique opportunity for UFL players to catapult their careers to the NFL, where they all want to be. What do you think?  Is it better for Free Agent’s to wait for the NFL, or to tryout for UFL teams?

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