Let’s finish-up where we left off in Quarterback Workout Part 1 with some more drills you can do to get better at most of the skills NFL scouts look for in QB’s.

Disclaimer: If you’re injured, or have health issues, please consult with a doctor before doing any of this stuff.  I, nor Get2TheLeague.com is responsible if you hurt yourself, or tear-up your mom’s house trying to do these drills.

Reading Defenses

This guy gives some good basic tips on how to exploit defenses by reading what the safeties are doing.

Quarterback Training : Reading the Defense from scoretouchdowns.com gives you some tips on how to use film study to help you read defenses.  It also gives you tips on how to read defenses during the game.


Football Quarterback Drills to Improve Timing from sportabc.com explains some drills you can do to help you with your timing.  You’ll need at least two receivers that can run short routes for you to throw to. For one of the drills you’ll need a ladder.  Here’s an overview of the drills…


Drill #1 – Timing Drill

How it goes: Quarterback in the middle, and a receiver on each side.  One of the receivers runs a timing route (e.g. quick out, quick slant, etc.).  Once he’s done, the other one goes.

Both receivers should run different routes each time they go, and the quarterback should be alternating between to receivers, by throwing to the guy on the right, then the guy on the left.


Drill #2: Ladder Drill

How it goes: There are a variety of passes that a quarterback has to throw. This football quarterback drill will help him with all those passes.

Again, there’s receivers on both sides of the quarterback.  The first receiver runs the shortest pattern in the route tree.  Then the other receiver runs the next shortest pattern, and on and on…  The routes get deeper and deeper until the deepest routes in the route tree is ran (e.g. go route, post, deep out, etc).

Click here to check out the route tree


Drill #3: Under Pressure Drill

How it goes: This one is basically the same as the ladder drill, except this time, you’d have a fourth person involved that would quickly walks at the quarterback, waving his hands to simulate the pressure the quarterback would face in the pocket.

This drill is designed to help the quarterback learn to throw the ball against a pass rush.



Joe Montana on how to release the ball.  Can you think of anybody better to teach you how to throw the rock?


Sonny Detmer, a prominent high school football coach out of San Antonio, and father of former NFL quarterbacks Ty and Koy Detmer, shows you a drill you can do to develop proper form in your release.


Will Fidler, former quarterback for the University of Kentucky, goes over the proper way to release the football


Quick Delivery

This gentleman from Expert Village gives some tips on getting the  ball out of your hands faster


Arm strength

This guy gives you a multitude of tips and things you can do to increase your arm strength.  Notice that very little of it has to do with building strength in your actual arm.

As the video above told you, arm strength mostly comes from the core and the lower body.

Below are a couple workouts you can do to develop core strength.



Disclaimer #2: Again, I’m not a trainer, I just gathered a bunch of training materials that cover drills and exercises that can help you improve in the specific areas that NFL scouts tend to look for when analyzing quarterbacks.

Also, keep in mind that there are tons of drills out there you can use to get better at these areas, however many of them require equipment, and I did my best to include those that needed little-to-no equipment.

My hope is that you found this series helpful to helping you accomplish your dreams as a big-time quarterback.  But remember, the info only helps you if you use it, so get off your butt and make it happen!

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