It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that NFL teams and scouts (actually just about any employer, for that matter) love leaders.

Is it only a matter of time before Tebow takes over Sanchez' starting job in New York? (ICON Sports)

Shoot, you never know; your leadership skills could be the one thing in your favor that would make an NFL team choose you over another player they’re considering at your position.

One thing’s for sure; being a leader will definitely help your profile when teams analyze your character.

…Actually two thing’s for sure.  The other, is that Tim Tebow is a certified leader.

So in this series, we’re going to take a look at some common leadership traits, and examine just how Tebow applies and exemplifies them. Who knows, maybe you can apply what you learn and get voted a captain on your squad.

Ready? Let’s go.


Communication Skills


Ronald Reagan’s nickname was “The Great Communicator.”  Love him or hate him, he’s commonly recognized as one of the best leaders our country has ever had, largely due to his ability to communicate so well.

Did you see Tebow’s Jets’ introduction press conference?  This guy handled the New York press by himself.  No introduction from the GM or anything, which alone is pretty rare in the NFL.



That shows both Tebow’s confidence in his own communication skills, as well as the Jets’ confidence in his ability to communicate and handle the New York media on his own.

The man definitely doesn’t seem shy.

Have you ever noticed how relaxed he is when he’s talking?

Have you ever noticed how well he gets his point across without pissing people off when he speaks?  That’s another good trait of a great communicator.  Good communicators know that it’s not always about what you say, as much as how you say it.

Think about it.

We all know where Tebow stands on religion, work ethic, and even how he feels about being teammates with a guy who’s job he’s threatening to take some time during the 2012 season.

Communication isn’t just about speaking, it’s about listening too.  People like to communicate with people that they feel care about what they’re saying.

In the video below between Tebow and Shannon Sharpe, notice how Tim nods his head, smiles, and shows that he’s paying attention to the words that Shannon is saying.

This relaxes the person you’re speaking to, and makes them feel like what they’re saying is important.

OK, I got a little long-winded on this one, so we’ll pick up on this convo in part two, coming soon.

Do you agree that Tebow is a good communicator?  Why or why not?  Leave a comment below!

Or, hit me up on Twitter!  @alvingrier


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