Welcome back to part two of the Leadership in Football series.  I’m breaking some common traits in effective leaders, and analyzing how Tim Tebow exemplifies these traits.

Tim Tebow celebrates on the sidelines of the 2009 FedEx BCS Championship game versus Oklahoma. (ICON Sports)

I challenge you to compare yourself to Tebow, and try to apply some of these traits to become a leader on your own football squad.

As I said before, you never know; your leaderships abilities could very well be the one thing that gets you picked by an NFL team over another comparable player.

In Part One, we looked at Tebow’s communication skills.  Let’s pick up where we left off.



One of your main jobs as a leader is to motivate and inspire your followers.

But it’s tough to motivate others, if you’re not motivated yourself.

Tim Tebow was known as a motivator even back in his days with the Gators.

Despite being told by dang near the entire football world that he didn’t have what it takes to play quarterback in the NFL, he used that as motivation to go out and be the best he could be.

That same motivation that drove Tebow to lead the Denver Broncos into the playoffs in the 2011 season, despite their 1-4 start prior to him becoming the starter.


Check out this quote from Tebow, spoken during the 2011 NFL training camp, months before he took over as the starter:

I heard some guy say on TV that I don’t belong on an NFL team as a quarterback… ‘ppreciate that. I will cling to a third-string role until my contract runs out or until I am given a chance to start for a CFL or UFL team, I guarantee it.

That’s the attitude of a leader.

Speaking of motivation, I’m sure you remember this halftime speech of the National Championship game against Oklahoma back in ’08:




“Catch on fire with enthusiasm and people will come for miles to watch you burn.” – John Wesley, Church of England cleric and Christian theologian


People are attracted to people that are enthusiastic about what they’re doing.  It’s a fact.

A lot of people doubted that Tebow’s enthusiasm for success and the game of football would translate to the NFL.

But that same enthusiasm was a major part of what changed the mindset of that Denver Broncos locker room (and the Broncos fans, for that matter) in the 2011 season.

Whether he’ll have the same effect on the Jets’ locker room remains to be seen.  But if I was a betting man, I’d say it will.

Check out Tim’s enthusiasm at his press conference when he was introduced as a New York Jet:

Alright, guys.  We’re almost through this one.  We’ll finish up with part three, coming soon to a theater near you (no, not really).

By the way…

I’ve heard people say that they think Tebow’s enthusiasm is fake.  Do you think so?  Why or why not?  Leave a comment below!

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