Most pro football tryouts will have you go through at least some of the standard combine drills.  Chances are, you’re training

The standing broad jump is one of the six major combine drills. (ICON Sports)

yourself, so I made this post to give you some ideas on how to train for the standing broad jump test.

In case you’re unfamiliar with it, the broad jump is where you try to jump as far as you can from a standing position. has a page where they explain all of the combine drills.  Here’s how they explain the broad jump:

The broad jump is like being in gym class back in junior high school. Basically, it is testing an athlete’s lower-body explosion and lower-body strength. The athlete starts out with a stance balanced and then he explodes out as far as he can. It tests explosion and balance, because he has to land without moving.

Disclaimer: Like I’ve said in previous training-related posts, I am NOT a trainer, so if you have physical issues, please seek a doctor before trying any of this stuff.  I, nor is responsible in the event that you get hurt doing any of these exercises, or if you damage anyone’s property while doing any of this stuff.

With that said, let’s continue, shall we?

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Before we dive-into training for the broad jump, I thought it would be smart to start out by reviewing how the broad jump is measured, and the rules you have to abide-by when you take it.

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Got it?  So now, without further a-do, here’s a way to train for the broad jump.  I say a way, because I’m sure there’s a lot of different


trainers out there that have their own ways of training their clients for the broad jump.

I chose to show you this way, because the method of training in this video requires little-to-no special equipment.  (Courtesy

Even if your technique is on-point, you’re not going to jump as far as you could if you trained specifically for explosiveness and lower-body strength.

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These weight training exercises will help you develop the lower-body explosiveness and strength to jump farther in the standing broad jump. (Courtesy

So whatd’ya think?  Good stuff?  Fairly simple, right?

As I close, I thought you might wanna check out how it’s supposed to look when you put it all together.  Here’s Julio Jones, now of the Atlanta Falcons, jumping one of the best broad jumps in combine history, with a jaw-dropping 11 feet, 3 inch leap.

Now take this information, use it, and wow some coaches and personnel staff at your tryout.  Good luck!

By the way, if you know any other exercises good for helping improve broad jump performance, feel free to leave it in comments!

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