Today we’re going to quickly talk about what you can do to tackle harder on the football field… from a training perspective.

Puttin’ the smack down on a ball carrier is every defensive player’s dream.

Trust me, I know.

New England Patriots’ linebacker Dont’a Hightower developed a reputation as a big hitter in college at Alabama. (ICON Sports)

A reputation for being a hard hitter will earn you the respect of the opposition, your teammates, your coaches, the fans, and yes, even scouts.

Knowing how to tackle hard in football is actually less about knowing how to do it, and more about attitude, and being an explosive athlete.

Today I’m going to talk about three specific exercises that will help you hit harder out there on the battlefield.

But first, I feel obligated to remind you, that there’s more to tackling than just hitting hard.

Hitting hard and not wrapping up the ball carrier is a recipe for missed tackles.  And scouts don’t care how hard you can hit, if you’re not bringing the ball carrier down.

Three Exercises That Will Help You Hit Harder


So with that out of the way, here are three exercises that will help you hit harder:


1. Power Cleans

Diesel Strength and Conditioning does a great job explaining proper power clean technique in this video.

If you’re just starting out with cleans, they recommend that you start out with the hang clean technique before going for the full power clean.

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2. Box and box front squats

The fellas from Swole Patrol show shome nerdy-lookin’ guy how to box squat in the below video.  If you can cut through the theatrics,



you should still find the video effective in teaching proper technique.  At least I did.


3. Capped kettlebell swings

The below video gives you some instruction on how to properly perform the kettlebell swing.

By just watching him perform the exercise, it becomes pretty evident how this exercise can help you hit harder on the gridiron.


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Are there any other exercises that you think of that are good for increasing football hitting power?  Share them with us!  Leave a comment!

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