Previously in the How to Get Recruited for Football series, we examined the steps you can take to increase your chances of getting a shot at a college scholarship.

Notre Dame’s Gunner Kiel was considered by many as one of the top high school quarterback in 2011. (ICON Sports)

Since then, people have reached out and asked for tips on how to make a highlight video.  This is crucial, because having good film is the main ingredient to peaking the interest of college coaches.

Let’s briefly go over a few things together.

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First, I want to reiterate that the that the purpose of the highlight film is to get the college coaches interested in learning more about you.

That being said, you only want to show your best plays. 15-to-30 plays is all you need.

A highlight film should last no longer than 5 minutes.  College coaches are ridiculously busy, and a spare 5 minutes is about all you should ask of their time.

Quick pointers…


Film Quality is Important

The film you’re sending will get ignored if it’s too hard to see, or if it’s too difficult to distinguish who you are on the film.

This film is a representative of you, so you should want it to be of the best quality possible.

If the quality of the film that the varsity football team at your high school film records is of poor quality, it’s best that you recognize this early (as in Freshman, Sophomore year-early).

If the quality is sub-par, and you really want to play college ball, it may be worth the investment to invest in a camera, so that you can have your parents or someone else record your games for you.

Add Profile-Boosting Info to the Video

At the beginning of the video, add your 40 time, height, weight, bench press, GPA, and any other information that you think may add to the attractiveness of your profile.

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Consider Paying a Professional

Now don’t get me wrong now, I’m all for people doing things themselves to save costs.

But if you don’t feel like learning how to put together the film yourself (even though it’s fairly simple), consider paying someone to put together your highlight tape professionally.

It could cost a couple hundred dollars, but those couple hundred dollars could play a major role in helping you land a football scholarship.  So it could very well be a worthy investment.


Full Game Film

If the coach or scout’s interest is peaked after they check out your short highlight film, they’re going to want to look at film of your whole games after that.

When analyzing full-game film, coaches look for things that they can’t see on highlight film.

On your full-game film, coaches analyze whether or not you take plays-off, your leadership abilities (or lack thereof), and many other traits.

Below you’ll find an example of a simple, yet effective highlight film.

Notice how easy it is to identify who the player is on the field.

At the beginning, the player even includes his height and weight.

It’s a little long for a highlight tape, but it’s pretty good nonetheless.


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