I wanted to quickly touch on a creative way you can go about expanding your exposure to hopefully get that “shot” at playing pro.

I have to admit that it’s far from a “full-proof” plan, but with all the players out there available for teams to sort through, most players need all of the exposure that they can get.

New Orleans Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees. (ICON Sports)

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The method is simple in principle, but it may be a little more difficult to execute.

“OK, get to it, Alvin.”

OK, here it is.

I’m talking about finding a way to workout with notable names that either currently, or formerly played in the NFL.

It’s far from a sure shot, but it might be able to help you if you link-up with the right player.


Marques Clark’s Story

It happened for Marques Clark who, at 28-years-old, got a shot with the New Orleans Saints by working out with Drew Brees.

In the off season, Drew Brees trains at the high school where he served (or serves, not sure if he’s still there) as an assistant coach for Westfield High School in San Diego.

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The man was 28 years old, and had no pro football experience whatsoever.

He played at little-bitty Henderson State, and had actually given up on his chance to play pro a long time ago.

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After working out with Brees for a few years, Brees went to the director of pro scouting with the Saints, as well as the Saints’ backup quarterbacks talking about Marques.

After getting an endorsement from Brees, he ended up getting a tryout and got signed to attend training camp in 2012.

Now figuring out how to workout with NFL guys is something you’ll have to figure out on your own.


Social media and email addresses makes it a lot easier to get in contact with the right people nowadays, so keep this in-mind; you never know what opportunity lies ahead for you.


What other “untraditional” ways of getting exposure can you think of? 

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