Wanna enjoy the game tonight and help increase your shot for playing pro? Of course you do.

Alabama running back Trent Richardson (ICON Sports)

Sittin’ at my desk earlier, it dawned on me how an aspiring pro player could take advantage of watching the game tonight.  It’s pretty simple, really.

Ready?  Here it is:

I’d study players on tv that play my position.

I’ll explain.

The SEC is where it’s at, talent-wise, flat-out. The draft numbers don’t lie.  There will be players that’ll be playing on Sundays next season at just about every position on the field tonight.

So here are some simple steps to gettin’ that done tonight.

1. Go to the National Football Post’s Scouting Department page.

2. Click on your position. Then scroll down through the list of players that they analyzed for your position, and find a player that plays for either Alabama or LSU (Louisiana State).

3. Read the analysis on that player, and take some notes on what you read.

4. Go to Get2TheLeague.com, and enter your position in the search box in the upper right hand corner.

Somewhere in the search results, you’ll find a post (there might be two) that cover what NFL scouts tend to look for in players at your position.

Take some notes, and watch the player on the field tonight that plays your position.


5. Pay close attention, and observe how he performs at each of the traits and skills.

What this will do, is train your eye and mind for evaluating film for what scouts look for.

This way, when spring ball rolls around here shortly, you’ll be able to critique your own play, to see if you’re performing at an NFL-level at those same skills and traits.

You can do the same thing while watching the NFL playoffs over the next few weeks.  It’s tougher to find scouting reports on current NFL players, but hey, they’re in the NFL for a reason, so they’re definitely good enough for you to evaluate in this same manner.

Hope this makes sense.  Enjoy the game tonight.

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