OK, here we are…  Football Workouts for Linebackers – The Outside Linebacker Edition, part 2.

Green Bay Packers’ outside linebacker Clay Matthews (ICON Sports)

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Like I said before, these are drills that’ll help you get better at most of the things NFL scouts look for when they’re analyzing outside linebackers.

A lot of drills out there require equipment of some kind.  But to help those on a budget, the drills listed below require little-to-no equipment to be purchased.

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Disclaimer: If you’re injured, or have health issues, please consult with a doctor before doing any of this stuff.  I, nor Get2TheLeague.com is responsible if you hurt yourself, or tear-up your mom’s house trying to do these drills.

Let’s “git’er done” and finish-up.

Change of direction/lateral movement

This video introduces the 2-3-2-3 drill, which’ll help you with your lateral agility and quickness.  They’re using speed hurdles on the video, but you should be able to find or make something around the house that you can use instead.


This drill is designed to help you develop the lateral speed you’ll need to excel as an outside linebacker, too.


This drill reminds me of my db days back in college, but it’s great for linebackers, too.

Why?  Because as an OLB, believe you-me, there will be times where you’ll need to turn and run with a running back, tight end, or receiver, in pass coverage.




I really like the drills in this one.  These drills will definitely helping you get better at changing directions on a dime.



I really like these drills, because they give you stages to master, so you can really see the improvement in your balance over time.


This drill, via Velocity Sports, will definitely help you with your balance.


This is a good one for balance, too.


Loose Hips


Having a full range of hip motion is crucial for outside linebackers.  The drills in the video below will help you with that.


Here’s another good drill to work on your hips.



You may look funny in the gym doing this one, but it works wonders on helping you get the flexibility in your hips that scouts want to see.

If you have an exercise ball at home, you can do this one at home as well, obviously.


This video gives you some additional stretches you can do to stretch out your hip flexor to increase your hip mobility.



The plyometric drill in the video below can be done just about anywhere.  If you don’t have a platform around the house you can use, you can always do this one on the bench you use for the bench press at the gym.


The drills in the video below can be done without a band, but having a band will make the drills more effective.


These ladder drills’ll help you with your quickness and agility.  There’s a ton of ladder drills in this video that you can use to work on your quickness.

Plus they’re playing “Paparazzi” by Xzhibit, so they get extra props from me.  After all these years, that beat is still nice to me.  It’s so dramatic.



Body Control

Just watching the video makes it pretty apparent that this’ll help you develop better body control.
Same thing with this one, which is the same as the drill above, except it’s done with one leg, instead of two.





There’s a difference between just running a fast 40 and having football speed.  There’s a lot of guys that can run a 4.4 or below in t shirts and shorts that don’t play fast.

You should want to do both well, but football speed is the more important of the two.

Below is a link to a post we did on developing football speed

What Everybody Ought to Know about Improving Football Speed
This guy gives some really good tips on running the 40.  I really wish I knew some of this stuff back when I was trying out for teams back in my hey day.


I was really impressed with the information in this video.  He does a fantastic job of explaining the entire sequence of the 40 yard dash, but from the perspective of the scouts or personnel that’s timing you in the 40.

He then gives you a strategy to use to run the 40, that’s based on how they time the 40.


I like that this guy not only helps you develop a strategy to your 40, but he also gives you examples of specific exercises you should be doing to get faster in the 40 yard dash.

If you’re a football player, you should be familiar with the names of the exercises that he mentions.  If you’re not familiar with the exercises he mentions, Google ’em to become more familiar.


Do you recommend any drills that work on the skills and abilities we discussed today?  Leave ’em in the comments!

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