Like we said in Football Workouts for Linebackers… Part 1, knowin’ what scouts look for in middle linebackers is cool, but knowledge is only the key when it’s applied.

Notre Dame, and top 2013 NFL prospect Manti Te’o. (ICON Sports)

So let’s finish-up looking at some more drills that’ll help you develop the skills that scouts look for in middle linebackers.

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The drill below will help you with your balance.

This video starts out with some off-topic stuff, but if you fast-forward to about the 1:50 mark, you’ll find some basic exercises that are really effective at improving your balance.  (courtesy


Pass Coverage

This gentleman from Expert Village gives you the basics of playing pass coverage as a linebacker


Loose Hips

Increasing the range of motion in your hips is crucial for outside linebackers.  The drills in the video below can help you with that.

You may look funny in the gym doing this one, but it works wonders on helping you get the flexibility in your hips that scouts want to see.

If you have an exercise ball at home, you can do this one at home as well, obviously..

This video gives you some additional stretches you can do to stretch out your hip flexor to increase your mobility in your hips.

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The plyometric drill in the video below can be done just about anywhere.  If you don’t have a platform around the house you can use, you can always do this one on the bench you use for the bench press at the gym.

The drills in the video below can be done without a band, but having a band will make the drills much more effective.  (courtesy

Quickness and agility kinda bleed together, if you will, but these ladder drills will help you with both.  There’s a ton of ladder drills in this video that you can use to work on your quickness.

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Body Control

I don’t think much explaining is needed on this one, just watching the video makes it pretty apparent that this’ll help you develop better body control.

Same thing with this one, which is the same as the drill above, except it’s done with one leg, instead of two.

This drill helps your body control as well.  They use a ladder, but you don’t necessarily need one.  You can put some tape on the ground or even some chalk, if you need to.

Disclaimer #2: Again, I’m not a trainer, I just gathered a bunch of training materials that cover drills and exercises that can help you improve in the specific areas that NFL scouts tend to look for when analyzing middle linebackers.

Are there any drills that can help middle linebackers get better at these skills that we didn’t mention? Share them in the comments!

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