Today, we’re going to get some football tips for wide receivers from a guy who’s played the at the highest level.

My good friend, Carlton Brewster.

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Signed as an undrafted free agent out of Ferris State University in 2006 by the Cleveland Browns, Carlton went on to be a member of the Green Bay Packers, San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos, and New Orleans Saints.

Carlton earned All-NFL Europa honors in 2007.

In 2007, he was allocated to the Berlin Thunder of the (now defunct) NFL Europa, where he was named to the All-NFL Europa team.

He’s also played in the Arena and Arena 2 football leagues.


College Teammates

Carlton and I were teammates in college at Ferris State University.

I always admired the dude’s work ethic.  Even back then when we were teammates.

I was so proud of him when he got selected, because he chartered the waters the rest of us never tasted…

The chance to put on an NFL uniform.

So considering his success, it’s only right that I begged the hell out of him to share some football tips for wide receivers.

Even though he didn’t have a long career in the NFL,  at least he made it to the NFL, which is something most collegiate players will never be able to say.

Including me.

Enough of that, let’s get to the interview.


ALVIN: Bro, I tell people all the time that my wife and I’s first date was to see you play in the preseason game with the Browns back in ’06.

Man, how was that experience, putting on that NFL game uniform for the first time?


CARLTON: My dream had came true, bro. I was living in the moment.

I had to stay focused, or else I would’ve lossed it emotionally.

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ALVIN: Shoot, man I was losing it emotionally in the stands, I felt like I was out there!  (laughs)

Now Cleveland signed you out of our alma mater as an undrafted free agent.

What did you learn from that experience that you wish you could have known going into it, if anything?

CARLTON: I wish I was 10 pounds lighter going into my pro day.

I would’ve tested a whole lot better.

Also, I would’ve worked a little harder, even though I feel like I worked pretty hard.

I honestly think I could’ve worked even harder, to be honest with you.

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Carlton (middle), myself (far left), and some other teammates posing for a picture after the last game of my collegiate career, at University of Indianapolis in 2002.


ALVIN: Cool.  Well let’s get into some tips for wide receivers, if you don’t mind, kind sir?

CARLTON: Don’t mind at all.


ALVIN: As you know, scouts are big on “creating separation” when it comes to evaluating talent at your position.

CARLTON: Right, right…


ALVIN: With that being said, and I know it might be hard to explain it verbally, but what did you learn in the NFL regarding how to create separation from the defensive back covering you?

CARLTON: The biggest thing I learned, is that you have to be very disciplined in your route running.

You gotta make every route look the same.  It’s absolutely crucial that you come off the ball full speed.

And then when you past the DB, you gotta cut him off to the ball.

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ALVIN:  Too bad you weren’t able to do that in one-on-one’s back in practice in school against me, though.

CARLTON: C’mon, AG, man you know I used to…


ALVIN:  BLAH-BLAH-BLAH!  (laughs)  Anyways, moving on to my next question, what, in your opinion, is the biggest key to running good routes?

CARLTON: When it comes to route running, you have to be extremely patient and disciplined.

Carlton making a catch in training camp with the Green Bay Packers in 2006.

Like I said before, you gotta make every route look the same.  You gotta avoid giving away tendencies that the defense can key off-of.

You have to be extremely disciplined in your route running.

They (NFL coaches) want to see you coming off the ball full speed, and when you past the DB, you gotta cut him off to the ball.

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ALVIN:  Makes sense.  So what are you up to nowadays? Are you still involved in the game?

I remember you telling me about some coaching you’re doing nowadays?   Can you elaborate on that?

CARLTON: Right now, I’m the wide receiver coach at Catholic Central High School (in Grand Rapids, Michigan).

I’m also a behavior specialist at the high school, and I will have my Masters in Education Leadership in the spring.

Hopefully, I’ll become a high school head football coach.  I want to dominate at the high school level, and then work my way up.

ALVIN: A lot of people don’t know that you were recruited by Florida State as a quarterback.

That actually has nothing to do with the next question, but I just thought I’d give you some shine, to let people know. (laughs)

Seriously though, what would you say is one of the biggest lessons you learned about the game while you were in the NFL?

CARLTON:  Overall, being a free agent, your window is very small, you can’t have any bad practices, you have to ball out every single day.

And sometimes that doesn’t even help you much.


ALVIN: If you had a chance to talk to each and every college or high school wide receiver that aspires to play in the NFL, what advice would you give them?

CARLTON: I would give them so much advice!  I’m a motivator.

I speak with passion and when it comes to football and my story I can speak all day.

Most importantly, work hard, and never get comfortable.

When you get comfortable, somebody’s going to surpass you, and you’re missing out on a chance to get that much better.


ALVIN:  Hey brother, I appreciate you sharing some words of wisdom with us.

Before I let you go, how can people contact you, or connect with you?

CARLTON: Best way is Facebook, at


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