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Former NFL safety Tony Parrish used yoga to help himself bounce back from ankle and fibula injuries. (ICON Sports)

To refresh your memory, I’m going over some of the ways yoga can help your game on the field.

Let’s finish up.

Lesson #5 – Yoga Helps Maintain and Improve Fitness During Injury Rehab


One of the worst feelings as an athlete, is the feeling that your injury is going to cause you to lose all gains you worked so hard for in the off-season.

I know.  I’ve been there.

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But according to Christina (in the same article referenced in Lesson #4 from part one), yoga is a great way to maintain and improve on your fitness while you’re going through rehab:

…(yoga) serves as a complementary and restorative form of exercise in combination with or contrast to training sessions of high intensity that tend to drain energy, and providing an effective mode of stretching to increase flexibility and improve performance…

In fact, former NFL safety Tony Parrish did yogato regain the strength and his confidence in his leg when he broke his ankle and fibula a few years ago.

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Lesson #6 – Yoga Helps Pelvic Tension

In Yoga Pelvic Flexibility Exercises, I learned that our pelvis’ bear the burden of misaligned spines, and they often get tight as a result.


This is a concern, because a tight pelvis, will then lead to a chain reaction to other mis-alignments throughout your body.

A lot of yoga “poses” (like the pelvic tilt) keep your pelvic area flexible.

Yoga also helps increase the flexibility in your hip flexor.

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Lesson #7 – Yoga Helps You Develop Body Awareness

In 77 Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga, which I definitely suggest you check out, I learned about a bunch of benefits of yoga that I hadn’t thought of, and one of them was an increase in “body awareness.”

To be honest, I had always thought of the phrase “body awareness” as being some New Age “mumbo jumbo,” but after I did some research on it, I learned that body awareness can help improve your posture and increase your self-confidence, as well.

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Make  sure you check out the 77 Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga.

After I read that article, I decided I was going to stop listing out the list of benefits, as there were just way too many benefits for me to type out.

Watch former NFL wide receiver Amani Toomer go through a yoga session with Gwen Lawrence, a popular and accomplished yoga instructor:

So what do you think about yoga?  Still think it’s for “sissies” and women?  Leave a comment!

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