Ingram, Bowers Among Prospects Who’s Stock Has Taken a Hit

Every year, NFL prospects believe what the “draft gurus” say about where they’re getting picked in the draft, only to be unpleasantly surprised come draft day.  Often times, it’s because of they failed their NFL physical at the combine, and didn’t even know it.  If you have any lingering injuries that need to can be taken care of, it’s best to get them taken care of before you get to the combine, because NFL teams can and will find out about every injury you’ve had in your life.

and if it’s not taken care of, it can and will cost you.  In some instances, millions

There’s a buzz in the football community about how Mark Ingram has been dropped from two team’s draft boards (that need a running back, mind you) because of what the doctor’s discovered when they analyzed his knee.  Word has it that a few NFL teams think he has degenerative arthritis, which can be a major red flag, and obviously a turn-off for NFL teams who are considering dumping millions of dollars in the pocket of a running back…  a position that already has the lowest average shelf life of any other position in professional football.

The average career length for a running back is about 2.57 years.

And they’re saying the same thing about De’Quan Bowers from Clemson.

The NFL’s physicals that they put prospects through at the combine will uncover any and all injuries.  And if what they find is deemed serious enough, your draft stock can, and will plummet.

If you’ve had a surgery on a joint, like a shoulder or knee, the doctors check to make sure that the joint is stable and tight.  They also check it for arthritis.  If they find arthritis, they assess how severe the arthritis is, and make a guesstimate as to how long you’d be able to play with the condition.  If they think that the arthritis will negatively impact your performance, they will red flag you and you won’t even know it.

After the death of Gaines Adams last year from a heart condition, NFL teams have started putting prospects under more advanced exams.  They will also look at your family’s medical history to find hereditary m edical issues like cancer, diabetes, heart issues, etc.  Even players with a history of concussion issues can have their draft stock lowered after going through the NFL’s physicals at the combine.

Truth of the matter is, unless you have an injury that you can do something about, it’s not much you can do about it.  Just the nature of the business. 

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