Mark Brunell filed for bankruptcy in 2010, claiming assets of $5.5 million, and $24.7 million in liabilities. (ICON)


Everybody knows there’s an epidemic of bankrupt athletes in professional sports. Leaving a professional sports career broke, with nothing to show for it can be a devastating emotional experience, that can consume you in shame and regret.  What’s even more sad, is that it’s a situation that’s often avoidable. The Rookie Financial Handbook


(downloadable below for FREE) is a must-read for any pro athlete, and even the family and loved-ones of pro athletes.

Shout out to Darren Heitner over at the Sports Agent Blog for making me aware of this incredible little booklet.  The Rookie Financial Handbook was put together by John Hanselman at NCompass Financial.  It takes less than 2 minutes to read, but I guarantee you that you’ll learn a nugget or two that can help you avoid joining the ranks of bankrupt athletes.

The Rookie Financial Handbook


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