If you’re not NFL-ready yet, it’s smart to market yourself to pro football teams, instead of relying on an agent.

A big part of that marketing is sending your bio to as many teams as possible to see who’s interested in your abilities.

The document below has the phone number, fax number (for some of the teams), and email addresses where you can send your bio to each of the IFL teams.

Now I know the IFL isn’t where y0u wanna be, but you’d be surprised the number of ball players playing in the IFL right now that played at big time schools.  There’s quite a few ex-NFL ball players in the IFL as well.


For the teams that don’t have fax numbers listed, you can call the teams and get their fax numbers.

I’ve spoken to some players that marketed themselves in the past, and some believe that faxing their bios in-addition to emailing them helped them out in getting noticed.

Just click the download button, and it’s yours.  I know it ain’t the prettiest document, but it’ll get the job done.

One other thing.  The fax numbers for some of the teams are on the second page, so scroll down to see that part, or just download the document and get both of them that way.

Good luck!

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IFL Team Contact Info

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