The 3 Cone/L-Drill


When you try out for teams, they’re probably going to test you in the combine drills (40 yard dash, 3-cone drill, etc.), so why not train to get better in them?

Titans’ quarterback Jake Locker outperformed all other quarterbacks in the 3 cone drill, by completing the drill in 6.77 seconds. (ICON Sports)

Today’s post is about the 3 cone, aka ‘L’ drill.

Teams use the 3 cone drill to test your ability to change directions at a high speed.

Below, you’ll find information you can use to improve your performance in the 3 cone drill.

Disclaimer: I’m not a trainer, so I, nor, are responsible if you get hurt, or damage someone’s property while following any of the advice or tips in this post.


With that said, let’s get started.

In the event that you’re not familiar with what exactly the 3 cone drill is, here’s’s explanation of the drill.

The 3 cone drill tests an athlete’s ability to change directions at a high speed. Three cones in an L-shape. He starts from the starting line, goes 5 yards to the first cone and back. Then, he turns, runs around the second cone, runs a weave around the third cone, which is the high point of the L, changes directions, comes back around that second cone and finishes.


This video breaks down each part of the drill.


C.J. Spiller Training Video

In the “Web References” section at the bottom of the screen, there’s an article you can search for on Google, where C.J. Spiller instructs on how to run the 3 cone drill, courtesy of Stack TV.


Prep with the Best

In Prep with the Best from, four of the country’s best combine trainers give you advice on how to train to get better at the five combine drills, including the three-cone drill.

Down in the “L-Drill” section on that page, you’ll find insights on how Athletes’ Performance trains their clients for the L-Drill.



The National Athletic Testing System has a page where they cover tips and techniques for the combine agility drills, including the three-cone drill.

There’s a “3-Cone Drill” section on that page.  The link there will send you to 3 videos:

1. 3-cone drill procedures

2. 3-cone drill tips,

3. and 3-cone drill training.


This video gives some really good, in-depth info on performing in the 3 cone drill.


Additional Drills

Also, being that the 3-cone drill/L-Drill tests your ability to “change directions” at high speeds, below are some drills you can do to help you improve your change of direction abilities.





Good luck!


Oh, by the way, do you know of any more tips or drills someone can do to help them in the 3-Cone Drill? If so, leave a comment below!

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