Alrighty, let’s finish up with the other ways you can improve standing broad jump distance.

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6 Ways to Improve Standing Broad Jump Distance – Part One

I’ll pick up where I left off.

Safety Eric Berry was the second-best performer in the standing broad jump at the 2010 NFL Combine, jumping 10’10” (ICON Sports)


#4 – Pay Attention to Where You’re Looking!


It might only help you get an extra inch or two, but every inch counts.

Before and during your jump, focus your eyes on a spot on the ground past the finish line.

You can use your eyes to aim for a target that will help you get a little extra distance on your jump.


#5 – Land Properly


As you know if you don’t land right, you can fall backwards when you land and that can take a lot of distance off your jump.

On top of that, you can flat-out hurt yourself pretty bad if you don’t land right.


Landing Technique

When you land, focus on letting the knees and hips flex, so that you properly channel and absorb the energy from the  jump.
Core Strength Affects Your Landing

According to experts, a strong core will help you land properly, too.

If your workout program is worth anything, it should already include work for your core, so you shouldn’t have to do anything extra to accommodate.

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#6 – Do Some Dynamic Warm-ups Before Testing

One expert recommended that you do about ten tuck jumps before you test in the standing broad jump.

Even if it’s not tuck jumps you’re doing, it’s probably in your best interest to do some type of dynamic stretching before you test.

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A lot of guys still do static stretching, but static stretching can actually cause your muscles to relax.

“No duh, right?”

Well from what I’ve read, for an explosive test like this, you don’t really want your muscles to relax.

Check out what Ralph Reiff, the director of sports performance at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis said on this from one of the articles I read:

To get a good static stretch you are asking the body on a subconscious level to relax…  From a muscle-recruitment standpoint, you don’t want to turn the muscles off in a relaxed state prior to asking them to perform. The elastic energy of a tighter muscle is going to have more recoil and power than a heavily stretched muscle.

Nuff said, right?


What’s your best jump in the standing broad jump?  

What do you do to work on your jumping ability, or don’t you at all?  Leave a comment.

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