Today, I’m going with a little change of pace.

I was recently checking out an article titled “The 6 People You Need in Your Corner,” by Jessica Hagy, and it inspired me to take what she’s talking about and apply it to the life of an athlete.

Have we seen the last of Chad Johnson in the NFL? (ICON)

In her article, she discusses six types of people you should have in your corner if you want to be successful in life, and to accomplish great things.

It inspired me to take that same principle, but apply it to football players.  I think her philosophy could greatly reduce the number of arrested NFL players.

If more players surrounded themselves with the right people, I have no doubt that it could.


“The Instigator”

The first type of person Jessica talks about is “The Instigator.”

This is someone who pushes you and motivates you.

I think “The Instigator” can help reduce the amount of arrested NFL players because having someone close to you that pushes you can help you make better decisions.

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How to Keep “The Instigator” Around

Obviously, this is someone you want to keep around.

Jessica says that if you want to do so, you need to keep them energized and enthusiastic.

Question for you…

Who is your instigator?  Is it your head coach, or your position coach maybe?  Your uncle?  Mom?  Dad?

Whomever it is, one way you can keep them energized is to showing them that you’re listening when they’re in your ear.

Show them that you’re taking heed to the messages they’re trying to get across to you.

I have friends that coach football.  And from what they tell me, as a coach, it’s tough to remain enthusiastic and energized about coaching when you feel like your players aren’t even trying to implement what you’re telling them.

Do your best to show “The Instigator” in your life that you appreciate them.

Saying “thanks” is a great start, but like one of my old business mentors used to say, “the REAL way to show appreciation is through production.”

So it’s great to say “thank you,” but the biggest reward for “The Instigator” in your life is showing them by your actions.

And while you’re at it, why not let them know how much they mean to you?  I’m sure that won’t hurt.


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“The Cheerleader”

Jessica describes this person as “…a huge fan, a strong supporter, and a rabid evangelist for you and your work.”

When I read this one I naturally thought about mother’s, girlfriends, wives, and dads.

Man, there’s nothing like having someone rooting for you out of love for you as a human being, and not necessarily because you’re on the same team as them or play for them, in the case of a coach.

(Note: Your “cheerleader” could very well be a coach.  I’m just saying that your cheerleader is usually someone that loves you for you; not necessarily because they have some vested interest in you being successful.)

As a man, I think we are less likely to do dumb things when we keep our cheerleaders close.

Think about it…  how many of you would go to the club if you had your girlfriend with you most of the time?  And we know how much trouble we can get into at the club, right?


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How to Keep “The Cheerleader” Around

Jessica says that you need to make this person rewarded, to keep them engaged, because the cheerleader motivates you.

Do what you can to show appreciation for them being in your corner.  Take them out to eat.

If you’re a broke college student (and I know what that’s like), try to cook them something one night as a sign of your appreciation of them being around.

There will be times that you will feel like the world is against you; true cheerleaders are worth their weight in gold, so hold on to them with all your mite.

OK, enough for now.  Check back for part two, coming soon.

Do you think having these two kinds of people in NFL player’s lives can help reduce the number the number of arrested NFL players?  Leave a comment.


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