Wanna improve your 40 yard dash time? Dumb question, I know. Anyways, I stumbled upon an interesting article that pretty much says that the way

Deion Sanders ran a blazing 4.21 at the 1989 NFL Combine.

I’ve been stretching my whole life (and maybe you too) is wrong.

Since the 40 yard dash is so crucial to people’s perception of your value as a football player, I’ll be droppin’ some dimes here and there on this site on stuff that can help you lower your time.

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I was recently introduced me to the concept of AIS (Active Isolated Stretching), which I’ve never heard of before.

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The premise behind AIS is that if you hold your stretch for 30 seconds (which is what I was taught to do as a kid), you activate a reflex in your muscles that makes them tense… which limits the elonging of the muscles, which is basically what you’re trying to accomplish when you’re stretching to begin-with.

According to the article, traditional stretching also makes your muscles tired, decreases the amount of blood flowing to the muscles, and increases the amount of lactic acid in the muscles.

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If the negative affects of traditional stretching are true, and AIS is really better, this is something a lot of people should know about.

I know what you’re sayin’… “but Alvin, wouldn’t it have been easier to just Google AIS, instead of typing up this post?”

To that I say, you’re probably right, but I wanted to throw this out there to hear your thoughts on this.


Am I just old and out of touch (I haven’t played since 2004), or is this new news to you as well? Chime-in in the comments!

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