As a professional athlete, choosing your agent is one of the most important decisions you will make in life, not just as a pro athlete.

As of September 2010, Drew Rosenhaus had 146 clients, more than any other agent or agency in the business. (Image:ICON)

Before spending their money on your services, NFL teams will most likely interview you to assess your compatibility with their organization, and you should do the same with prospective agents.

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Your agent will become a friend, confidant, and adviser for your career, so you should choose wisely, and make sure you’re comfortable with their personality, knowledge, and reputation.

To help you with the interview process, I wrote an article highlighting the 10 Questions to Ask a Sports Agent.

Some of the questions addressed in the article include:

Is the agent or agency you’re considering registered to practice as an agent or agency in your state?

What’s the fee that they’re  going to charge you for their services?  Is the fee negotiable?  How and when do they bill you for their services?


As far as athletic training, who do they send their athletes to?  Who have they prepared for the Combine and Pro Days in the past? Who pays for your training?

Do they receive any referral fees from the financial adviser they recommend you to?  How do they feel about you using or finding your own financial planner or accountant?

I created the 10 Questions to Ask a Sports Agent article  to help athletes find an agent that their comfortable with, and that meets their specific needs.

It’s an agent’s  job to make sure the client is comfortable, and that their transition from college to the pro ranks goes as smooth as possible.

Click here to view the 10 Questions to Ask a Sports Agent article.

Do you think I left out any important questions?  What’s your opinion of the questions that I list in the article?  Leave your feedback in the comments section!


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